7 Terrible Travel Advice We Have Heard

Regarding adventures and travels, several tips, tricks, guides, and pieces of travel advice are available at your disposal. Usually, these guides give travel and adventure tips, places to visit, and things to see. 

Altogether, they help to ensure your safety and satisfaction. However, like every other thing, you should take some of these pieces of advice with a pinch of salt. 

A trip means different things to different people, which implies that every travel experience is as unique as the people who embark on it. As a result, most travel recommendations are subjective. Study it, but if something seems questionable or plain incorrect, don’t utilize it! 

Over the years, we have encountered several terrible travel advice, and this article will cover seven pieces of travel advice we have heard

The Top 7 Most Terrible Travel Advice

We compiled a list of the worst travel advice we heard from social media, blogs, and random gossip. These are the travel advice items you’ll never require. Or perhaps you’ll need to stay away from them. Here is a comprehensive list of terrible travel advice you should not bother about:

1. Never Let a Woman Travel Alone

This standard advice is perhaps among the most exaggerated, fiercely disputed, and unpleasant assertions ever made about travel. Certain places require extra safety precautions, especially when traveling alone, and some countries prove more difficult for women to navigate alone than for males.

However, it doesn’t imply that women can’t or shouldn’t venture abroad. Women may face a lot of harassment when they travel alone, but it is essential to note that women also face these risks in their neighborhoods.

In this case, the best travel advice is to use rational thinking, trust your instincts, stay conscious of your surroundings, and avoid taking any risks you wouldn’t consider at home. Quite often, people don’t exactly travel by themselves; they meet people and create bonds throughout their journey. 

2. Travel the Night Bus

Before your trip, this advice usually feels like a great idea as accommodation for the night does not bother you, and you don’t have to endure the stress of sitting for hours during the drive. However, this situation is uncomfortable and more like a nightmare on wheels.

There is only little you can do to change the fact that you will probably struggle to get adequate sleep, making the first thing you want to do when you arrive at your destination hotel is plead for an early check-in to get into your room and get some proper rest. Consequently, this ruins all the plans you have for the day. 

3. Traveling With Kids Is a No-no!

Although it seems like traveling with kids has no impact, that is not true. First of all, regardless of whether they are too young to remember, children tend to pick up a lot of knowledge through traveling. 

The most fulfilling travel experiences typically include traveling with kids, and they frequently learn more about the world from such trips than they will through formal schooling.

4. Travel While You’re Young

Of course, this is excellent advice. Without a doubt, you ought to make the most of your youth, ability, and opportunity. However, the problem with this advice is that it implies that traveling becomes enormously more difficult as you age and infinitely more limited as you approach old age.

Therefore, even while you should live in the moment and seize the chance to travel if you are still young, don’t feel you lost the opportunity to do so just because you are not in your 20s anymore. 

5. Never Rely on Someone

You will learn via travel that there are good people in the world and that compassion is the fundamental force behind humanity. The trips will restore your trust in humankind, revive your belief in the connections that bind people together, and educate you on how strangers are frequently kind, friendly, and supportive.

Travelers with plenty of experience will tell you that they frequently become the object of a stranger’s kindness. If you travel overseas with the mindset that you can trust no one, you’re in for a lonely journey. You should trust your instincts when relying on the goodwill of a stranger.

6. Avoid Street Food

You will get food sickness and die if you consume street-made meals while traveling is among the most terrible travel advice. The best, most affordable, and most accessible way to experience local cuisine is through street food, which is typically the fastest way to understand a nation’s culture.

Street food is much safer than many people would have you believe. It’s a cheap way to eat, plus you are to delicacies from other countries that will leave you speechless. It’s unlikely that you’ll end up spending the entirety of your trip cramped over a toilet merely because of the audacity you had to leave the Western restaurant and try out the tempting meal from the sidewalk.

7. Carry Your Passport Everywhere

This advice is terrible as you shouldn’t always have your passport. However, certain countries demand that foreign visitors always carry their passports. Aside from this circumstance, knowing when and when not to bring it along is critical, as you should not always take it with you to avoid losing it.

Naturally, it’s essential to have your passport available during transit days as you’ll need it to cross any international crossings by plane or ground transportation. However, if you’re only going locally, you should keep it at the hotel, preferably in a safe.


You must be able to decipher travel advice that is suitable for your trip and discard those that you don’t need. The ones mentioned above fall in those that should never bother you. 

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