Minimalist Packing List; A Guide for Solo Travellers

Packing for a solo trip can be unnerving the first time. You’re trying to figure out what is a necessity and what could count as unnecessary baggage.

A minimalist packing list, is especially important for solo travellers who will have no one to help them with extra bags or items while travelling and sightseeing. This article shares detailed insights about all that is essentials to know and pack when traveling alone for the first time. To put it another way, this is the ultimate packing guide for that solo trip you’re about to embark on.

Why Should a Solo Traveler Travel Light?

Let’s look at the most significant reasons why solo travelers need to pack small before getting into some professional minimalist packing advice.

1. Mobility

Being able to walk around more freely with a light backpack can make your visit far more enjoyable.

2. Accessibility

Finding the items you’re looking for is easier when you have fewer items in your luggage. You won’t have to search through your suitcase at 2 in the morning for your portable adaptor or that sleepwear you plan to wear.

3. No Oversize Baggage Fee

No one wants to be charged extra just because of their luggage. Packing light allows you to carry all your essentials, as well as have a suitcase that you don’t have to pay some extra cash for.

4. Health

Moving about is much simpler by packing lightly, and it is also healthier for your body. Later on, your feet, back, and shoulders will appreciate it.

5. Carry-on-Only Travel

When you have perfected the skill of packing lightly, you may transition to merely bringing your carry-on belongings, which eliminates the need for checked bag fees altogether.

Simply stated, traveling light gives you more control.

Guide for Minimalist Packing While Traveling Alone

Here’s the best approach to pack light now that you understand why it’s so crucial.

1. Utilize a Lightweight Suitcase

You’ll be compelled to bring less stuff because of the smaller bag. Plan out everything that has to fit inside the bag before selecting it. Anything that doesn’t fit in the bag, or that isn’t necessary, remains at home. When purchasing a new backpack or luggage, go with a size that is a little tad smaller than that which you often use. The quantity of room you can fill is limited when the capacity of the suitcase is restricted.

2. Plan in Advance

We all struggle with the dilemma of packing and making a minimalist packing list for upcoming trips. We pack a ton of stuff, and soon discover that you never actually utilized any of it. Coordinating your luggage and attire for your trip is much simpler if you understand the events and activities that you’d be partaking in before you leave home.

3. No Unnecessary Packing

Most often, bringing too much clothing leads to overpacking. Laying out all the clothing you wish to bring is one approach to reducing the amount of luggage you bring. For novices, this might be really challenging, and it can take a few tries.

Examine each thing you placed beside your suitcase, and then decide if you’ll need it when you get there. If you can’t imagine yourself needing it, then it counts as unnecessary and shouldn’t be packed.

4. Travel-size Toiletries Only

Next, pack a few items that you can simply replace once you get to your location. As a rule of thumb, pack only toiletries that can serve you for the first few days or the entire duration of your trip. Bring travel-sized versions of the necessary toiletries. A 100ml container of the item (face wash, toner, or shampoo) should last two to three weeks on average. After a few days/weeks, you can restock when you get to your destination.

5. Avoid Packing the Day Before a Journey

We all know what happens when you wait until the last minute to pack for a trip. You can become stressed out, forget to pack your vacation necessities, and wind up carrying unnecessary items.

Set aside some time to sort things out. Choose a space in your home where you can organize all of your vacation necessities first. Every time you think of something you need to bring, grab it and place it there. This packing procedure might begin just several weeks before your vacation.

Perhaps a few days before your trip, return to your space and review the things you’ve already collected. Then, begin putting all of these items—as well as those you’ve recently gathered—into your bags. Additionally, now would be a good opportunity to remove any items you put in the past that you don’t believe you’ll need for your trip. Additionally, weigh your baggage at home so that you are certain of the quantity you are carrying.

6. Technology

These days, smartphones have the processing power to simultaneously serve as a camera, music player, newspaper, podcast library, contact book, payment means, and weather forecaster. Utilize this reality to replace whatever falls into this category.

7. Get the all-in-one travel app

The best thing that can happen to a minimalist on a solo trip is a travel app. The free CheckandPack app not only helps you create a fully customised list based on your location, but it also helps you make a travel to-do list, a travel budget and you can even backup your travel pictures.

Sounds like smart, organized, and minimalist travel to me! Get started here

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