10 Best Budget-Friendly Places to Travel in 2024

Have you ever wondered which countries you can go to spend quality time, have fun, and still save money? Countries that provide reduced prices for accommodation, transportation, food, and other necessities? Then look no further. In this article, we have put together some great recommendations if you’re trying to find reasonably priced locations to visit in 2024.

10 Best budget friendly places to visit

1. Vietnam $40-$60/day

In Vietnam, you can have healthy and affordable street food. Food such as pork and a bowl of rice noodles, cilantro, delicious broth, coffee, etc can be gotten for less than $2. If you rent a motorcycle, you will have transportation covered for the day. Of course, only some feel comfortable operating a bike, particularly in countries like Vietnam, where traffic can be extremely hectic. Still, fortunately, GrabBike, Uber for bikes is accessible in most major cities and charges as little as $0.50 for a two-kilometer ride!

Additionally, there are cheap and dependable long-distance buses and trains. Accommodations are more comfortable and reasonably priced than nearly anywhere in the world.

2. Northern Thailand, $30-$60/day

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If you are on a tight vacation budget, northern Thailand is a place to visit. If you are pressed for time and money when visiting Thailand, stay up north because the south is more expensive. Basic rooms for less than $7 are occasionally found in well-known locations like Chiang Mai and Pai. If you stick to eating street food, you’ll save money and have a much more tasty and authentic experience. You don’t need much money to enjoy your day in terms of activities because most activities, like hiking, visiting the White Temple, etc., are affordable.

3. Indonesia, $35-$50/day

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One issue about Indonesia is that transportation is a major determining factor. It can be either extremely cheap or quite expensive. Commuting between cities and taking a private boat from one island to another may be costly and time-consuming. If you want to save money, stick with one or two regions. There’s plenty to see and do, and staying longer in one location will only help you explore farther and have a more fulfilling experience. The best recommendation for anyone looking to travel extensively on a budget is to use the local transportation system! 

On the other hand, food and drinks are affordable and delicious nationwide. It is also very affordable to ride a scooter through the mountains, hike, search for waterfalls, and spend the entire day lounging on the beach. 

4. Nepal, $20-$50/day

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Nepal is a highly affordable country; meals, accommodations, and transportation can be enjoyed for a few dollars if you eat, sleep, and travel locally. As for food, street food could be better in Nepal, but you can still find affordable, delicious home-cooked meals at locally owned small cafes. When booking your accommodations online, exercise caution. Large corporations have converted local homestays into a chain of hotels and resorts, so the “local guesthouses” you’ve booked might be a part of a large hotel chain. Make online reservations for the initial few nights and search for genuine local guesthouses when possible.

If you decide on trekking (avoiding Mount Everest because it costs thousands of dollars to visit), you can travel, eat, sleep, and do other things at lower elevations for as low as $15

5. Romania,$40-$60/day

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Romania is an excellent destination for travelers seeking a cheap, slightly off-the-beaten-path journey to Europe. Even though the country is well-known for Dracula, most foreign visitors must know its many attractive towns and free events. Romania is a fantastic destination for anyone looking for an affordable European experience, whether they want to watch people in one of the stunning parks or take a relaxing walk through the medieval villages. The free walking tours are another way to see the many historical sites. Food at hostels is excellent and robust if you want to save money, have breakfast at the hostel, have a good lunch, and make your dinner. Hostels cost between $10 and $15 per night. It’s cheap and straightforward.

6. Czech Republic, $50-$70/day

Prices have increased over the past few years as more and more tourists travel to the Czech Republic, especially Prague, because of its extensive history and cheaper beer than water. Still, it remains one of the most affordable nations in Central Europe for vacation, mainly if you go outside of Prague to places like Telc and Cesky Krumlov, where you can enjoy authentic Czech culture at a significantly reduced cost. If you’re going to be traveling a lot, local transit is dependable and reasonably priced; a 3-day pass costs about $16.

Czech food is filling and generously portioned, even though it’s not the healthiest (most foods are just potatoes and meat), but it will fill you up. The cost of admission to historical landmarks and museums can be high (about $18 for Prague Castle), but you don’t always have to go inside; you can always take the amazing treks up and observe the architecture from the outside before choosing which of the more fascinating ones to explore inside.

7. Croatia, $50-$70/day

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Croatia is ideal for your next low-budget vacation if you enjoy the sunshine, partying, and turquoise oceans. Dozens of islands surround its mainland, and from May to October, the weather is excellent. Beach and yacht parties take place all year round. The costs of the necessities, such as transportation, accommodation, and food, are all affordable. The intriguing locations, like the Museum of Broken Relationships, charming little towns, and stunning architecture, are all worth seeing.

If you want to visit Croatia on a budget:

  1. Go during the shoulder season.
  2. Avoid July and August, as Croatia’s busiest months.
  3. Limit your island visit to a few islands to save cost on transfers.

Given that Croatia is getting more popular by the day, the prices are expected to increase. The sooner you visit, the better!

8. Estonia, $55-$70/day

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Estonia is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, with 53% of its land covered in forests; this means that many cheap (if not free) activities are available, such as hiking and visiting the national parks. Minimizing transportation expenses is achievable by walking or cycling if you walk or ride a bike. That being said, you may find it challenging to find affordable accommodation in these small villages, so you should base yourself in Tallinn, the capital, and take day trips to explore these small towns.

9. Mexico, $30-$50/day

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Mexico is a country full of limitless adventures. This country is home to some of the most incredible food on earth and is rich in culture. Mexico is a large country with many safe places to explore, even though it does not have the best reputation for safety. The majority of violence occurs in specific areas. The good news is that budget travel in Mexico is easy. At least five breathtaking cenotes can be explored for less than $20; you can eat tacos, quesadillas, and tortillas for less than $3; the white sand beaches are almost free; and the hospitality? Amazing!

Although traveling within a city is cheaper in Mexico, intercity travel can be expensive due to how big the country is. Renting a car is the best option; it will cost you between $50 and $70 daily if you share with others. To save money on transportation, try extending your stay in a particular location before exploring other areas. This way, you can go farther and discover real Mexico.

10. Colombia, $35-$50/day

Colombia is colorful and quickly gaining popularity as an inexpensive travel destination. The museums and historical landmarks of Bogota, the Lost City, and other places are sure to delight history buffs. If you are a nature lover, then the Amazon awaits you. Colombia also has some of the most beautiful beaches and world-class diving locations for scuba divers. You will have a good amount of money left for other indulgences because accommodations, food, and transportation are all reasonably priced. If you want to treat yourself, consider renting a lavish villa for a night or two; you won’t find a better value elsewhere! Great spot!


The above-listed countries are budget-friendly locations where you can get accommodation, food, and transportation at an affordable price. The prices mentioned above cover the cost of basic accommodation, three meals( a mix of light, simple, and hearty meals), and transportation. To explore more activities, such as shopping, you must budget more than the estimated daily cost. Cheers to budget-friendly vacations in 2024!

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