Holiday Party Checklist For 2024

Planning a holiday party doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether it is a corporate or informal party, whatever category your party falls into, we will share a clear and precise party checklist that will help bring your ideas to reality. With this checklist, you can go through every essential detail for your party, from the theme, venue, food, dĂ©cor, and many more, without missing out on any party essentials. The goal is to create an exciting party as well as unforgettable memories.

How to plan a fantastic event: Your holiday party checklist

Hosting a stress-free party partly depends on how early you start planning and how organized you stay while planning. We have divided the checklist into timelines leading up to D-day to simplify this.

Timeline: 8 to 12 weeks before the party checklist

The moment you start planning your party 2 to 3 months before your party, you are on your way to planning a fantastic event. So this implies that if you are planning a Christmas party, you should start planning around October.

Set a date

Start by picking a date if you want optimal attendance by your guests; run the date by some of them. It is best to have more options for the dates to allow any excess that can follow venue bookings (we know how this works, the date you have in mind may be booked)

Set a budget

Set your budget in time. It will guide your spending choices for venue selection and all other bookings for the party. So a good starting point for your party’s finances is to ensure you have a clear-cut budget. A great tip is to break down the budget into different segments. For instance, you can have a venue budget, a decor budget, a food budget, and so on. This will help you stay within the budget of each segment and know where to adjust when you need more spending room.

Choose a theme

Having a themed party automatically makes your party fun, but before you choose a theme, consider your guests, venue, decor, and so on. Themes like favourite holiday characters, Christmas in the ’80s, rock ‘n roll, etc.

Compile your guest list.

What is the maximum number of people you are expecting? Are your guests allowed to bring a plus one? Are children allowed? These questions are more important and should be considered while drawing up your guest list.

Book your venue

Please make up your mind quickly concerning your venue and book it! Ensure you visit the venue (or send someone whose judgment you trust if you are not available) before paying a deposit. Check out the amenities and see if they fit the party you want to host.

Timeline: 4 to 6 weeks before the party checklist

Here are the next set of activities to tick off your checklist when your event is one or two months out.

Sort out entertainment

Book any entertainment you plan to use, whether a DJ or a  band if your party requires other entertainment besides music, like performers and actors, then book them.

Reserve needed equipment

Every piece of equipment you will need to make your party successful should be booked or reserved, depending on your plans. Some of this equipment can include commercial AV equipment, tables, chairs, lights, tents, and so on. If the equipment you want to rent is extensive, working with an event rental company that can meet all your needs and suggest reliable vendors with reasonable rates is best.

Sort out food, drink, and decor.

Start by asking yourself how many course meals you want to serve your guests. Do you want to use one catering company, or do you prefer to use different ones? Do you like alcohol served or not? What kind of decor will best suit your theme? Answer these questions and determine your party’s food and decor specifics.

Sort out ‘secondary’ entertainment.

Now is the time to sort out your event photographer, videographer, gift exchange, photo booths, etc. All the other activities you want to add to your party to make it more fun should be sorted  out

Timeline: 3 weeks before the party checklist

A few weeks before your event, here are the tasks you should focus on:

Send out invitations to your guests.

Ensure you have an RSVP on your invitation and confirm those who will attend your party.

Order party supplies and favours

Party supplies include lights, ornaments, unique decor, and tablescape items.

Revisit your venue.

Reach out and visit your venue to seal all last-minute needs. As everything comes together, you also need to double-check with your venue. This is because some venues won’t allow you to bring certain things to their venue. Also, confirm with the venue manager how soon you can set up the venue and get everything set for the party and what they provide regarding cleanup.

Timeline: 1 week before the party checklist 

It would be best if you did the following to fine-tune your planning for a successful event one week before your event:

Set party schedule

What is the party schedule? Create a timeline for each activity planned for your party. Also, figure out who will anchor each activity, who will MC the event, who will make announcements, etc. A good event planner to oversee your event when activities are intense, and you are busy with one thing or another is a great idea. This way, you can also enjoy the party you have worked so hard to plan.

Send out RSVP reminders and event information.

If you still need to get RSVPs from some guests, send out a quick reminder to them. Send out the required information to your confirmed guests. This information may include venue directions, parking guide, transportation (if applicable), etc.

Pick up last-minute items.

Sort out every last-minute item and place it in order. If you ordered a party item and have yet to receive it, call and ensure it gets delivered as soon as possible. Sort out the wrong orders as well and tie up loose ends. You can delegate these tasks if you are swamped with other activities.


Planning gives you enough room to get the most out of your event. That way, you have clear foresight in your planning and can spend quality time reviewing each event detail without rush, pressure, or hasty decisions. This checklist lets you have a well-planned and flawlessly executed party this holiday. We do hope you have a splendid holiday party. Cheers!

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