10 Items You Need To Survive a Long-haul Flight

A long-haul flight can be tough.

Not only are you unsure of what to pack and how to pack them, but you also have to think about the countless hours you are about to spend with hundreds of other people without leg space.

Long-haul flights are an unavoidable scourge for any serious traveler. Long-haul flights are not pleasant unless you are spoiled in First Class, but there are a few ways to make the journey easier.

Here are the ten items you need to survive a long-haul flight. 

Ten essential items for a Long-haul Flight

Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are not just fancy to attach to your luggage. They are important.

Without a travel pillow, your long-haul essential items package is incomplete. 

A travel pillow can make you more comfortable. They provide unmatched head and neck support for restful sleep. 

Eye Mask

With her mask on to help her sleep, the woman gets good, deep sleep during her flight.

Eye masks contribute to a more tranquil sleeping environment. They are also helpful for overcoming sleepiness and fatigue because sleeping in the dark promotes better rest. Get a pair that wouldn’t put pressure on your temple when choosing them. 

Eye masks are essential to completely shut out your surrounding environment on a long-haul flight, particularly if it is a night flight,


Like a  mask, earplugs can also help you fall asleep on a flight, whether you’re traveling during the day or at night. You would not want an infant who cries throughout the flight to sit next to you. 

Back-Up Charger

One of the most annoying things that might happen after a flight is running out of battery on your phone.

Even though you fully charge all of your gadgets before takeoff, they will likely shut down or run out of battery by the time you arrive. Nowadays, power outlets are present in most seats on larger aircraft, but this is not always a guarantee. 

Get a small, space-saving portable charger for your phone that will give it a quick, complete charge so you can be confident it will still have power when you get to your destination.

Blanket Scarfs

This necessary item has so many uses because flights may get somewhat colder. Wear a blanket scarf instead of the occasionally unpleasant airplane blanket; you’ll have to take it off to go through security, but you’ll be glad you did when the air conditioning is on full blast. 

Consider buying a blanket scarf that can be worn in many ways, making it a comfortable option on the plane and a practical packing choice for several pieces of clothing.

However, do not forget to wear comfortable outfits generally; remember that you’ll be wearing these outfits for a while. Therefore, it’s wise to bring an extra clothing set whenever possible. Although they can be hefty, I am always highly appreciative whenever I use them.

Alternative Entertainment

Man working in airplane using cellphone and drinking coffee

Netflix anyone?

Nowadays, most long-haul flights include in-flight entertainment, including music, films, TV shows, and games.

Unfortunately, occasionally you find yourself seated where the entertainment is malfunctioning. Or perhaps you are traveling on a more seasoned flight without the entertainment systems.

Think ahead and carry backup entertainment with you. Bring a laptop, iPad, or book if your in-flight entertainment breaks down or needs additional entertainment. Think about a small backup hard drive if you want to store movies or TV series on a laptop. Or renew your Netflix subscription. 

Hopefully, you do not spend the entire flight trying to figure out what to watch.

Additionally, charge all of your gadgets the night before you travel in case your seat lacks connectors.


Most long-haul flights include food service. Airlines will provide meals during mealtime, but they will typically be restricted. On an overnight trip, you will receive dinner and breakfast. Let’s face it. The food is sometimes not outstanding or substantial.

If you eat everything, you can still feel hungry between meals, or the meals might not come as frequently as you’d want, or it may not be the type of food you want in the late hours of the night.

Therefore, don’t forget to pack some food.

Water Bottle

It’s vital to get foldable, reusable water bottles. 

Water is essential because dehydration is the main factor in health decline on long-haul flights. It dehydrates your skin, increases your risk of experiencing jet lag, and compromises your immune system.

The bottom line is, in all thy getting, get water.

First Aid

Long-haul flight essentials

Like the entertainment gadgets, keep these in your carry-on at all times—not because you’ll need them (I sincerely hope you won’t!—but rather to eliminate the possibility that they’ll end up in the hold).

If you take any necessary medications, you should keep them in your carry-on bag. 

If your belongings get delayed and, or don’t arrive for a few days, you wouldn’t want to go that long without your medications.

You might feel fine when you board a plane due to the long gestation period of some diseases, but you’ll be relieved to have painkillers and other essentials on hand right away.

A Change Of Clothes 

You should always bring an extra set of clothing and underwear on the flight for various reasons, including; cases of missing luggage. In this case, you have at least a few clean outfits for the first day of your journey. 

Are you flying from one warm country to another frigid one? It would help if you changed into warmer clothes once you landed.

Or perhaps you could pack an extra set of clothes to change into more suitable or presentable clothing even before you arrive.


A poorly planned trip can be enough to destroy your day, and a few additional days.  

The inconveniences of long-haul travel can range in intensity from moderately inconvenient (objectionable seatmates) to extremely threatening pulmonary embolism. 

On the other hand, long-haul flights may be a dream with some amenities and little planning.

 Grab these ten items above and enjoy your flight!

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