Seven Things You Should Do Immediately You Check Into a Hotel

Traveling safely isn’t just about getting to your destination safe; it’s ensuring that you are not putting yourself through any health or safety risks during your trip. Therefore, the concept requires constant awareness. 

Staying constantly aware may be challenging when you consider situations like jet lag, foreign languages, unfamiliar settings, and all the minor things you must remember when you eventually get to your location.

Keeping in mind these seven hotel safety tips you should do immediately after you’re checked into your hotel room could make this situation much more manageable.

Things To Do After Checking Into Your Hotel Room

Picture this;

You, after a long flight, finally stepping into your hotel. 

Sighting the sparkling white sheets and inhaling the scent of the room. 

Finally you are here, and more than anything else, you desperately want to feel your body on that soft bed.

The best thing after arriving at your destination after long hours of travel is finally checking into your hotel room and passing out on your bed. All you have time to do is unpack your necessities, jump into the bathtub, and get some beauty sleep afterwards. 

However, just before you hit that bed, you must make sure that your room is safe and suitable for your use. Here is a list of 7 things you must do immediately after checking into your space:

1. Ensure Your Door ACTUALLY Locks

As soon as you drag your luggage into that room, the first thing you want to do is make sure that your door locks. Although this safety precaution might seem like everyone actually does it, several people do not understand the working of their hotel doors the first time they lodge. 

To ensure your safety, you must ensure that the door shuts properly, as this situation is real life, not Hollywood Rom-com where your soulmate accidentally walks into your hotel room. 

Furthermore ensure doors are properly locked whenever you are out of the room. You don’t want anyone coming in to mess with your stuff.

Pro-Tip:  Before closing the door after entering the room, turn the handle several times to check whether it will unlock without a key. When you’re going to leave the room, repeat the process.

2. Look Out for the Bugs

If you let them, bed bugs have the potential to spoil your entire vacation or staycation. As a result, it’s crucial to keep your things unpacked while you check your room for bugs. 

Now, it makes no difference what kind of hotel you’re lodged in because even five-star hotels are susceptible to this problem. Even the cleanest hotels are susceptible to a bedbug infestation as these bugs are carried on clothing and other personal objects.

You could place your bag in the bathtub while you inspect. The purpose of this process is to prevent bugs from entering your bags because they frequently reside in carpets as well.

3. Hidden Cameras Are Now a Thing!

These gadgets are placed in such a way that they mimic commonplace objects like power chargers and smoke alarms. Hidden cameras are becoming increasingly popular in lodgings, an extremely troubling development. Most times, these cameras are found more frequently in AirBnBs; hotel rooms aren’t exactly safe either.

Therefore, it’s vital to keep your eyes out for anything that seems out of place, and sometimes those that fit perfectly. You should pay rapt attention to your surroundings and intently check for these cameras. 

Often, you should especially check appropriately if you notice several smoke detectors in the room and bathroom, red lights or cables, and weirdly positioned decorations or devices. Although these hidden cameras are tiny and difficult to detect, they are often detectable when people intently look out for them. 

4. Test the Phone

You must test that the phones are working immediately after you check into your room. You should call the front desk to ensure that someone is available in case you need anything. 

Next, you should check in with the hotel’s emergency services. Emergencies are called unforeseen circumstances for a reason. You need to be sure that there will be someone to come to your aid in case something that needs urgent attention happens. 

Additionally, you should make an outside call to ensure that the service is strong enough to reach your connections at any time you need to.

5. Check the Towels and Sheets

We understand that you are tired from the long trip; however, the fact that you checked into a hotel doesn’t guarantee you’d get clean towels and sheets, although you’re entitled to them. This is why you should closely check that the towels and sheets provided are clean enough for use. 

If the bedding weren’t properly washed or cleaned, it would have stains, hair, or makeup. Make sure to carefully remove the sheets and check the bed for any noticeable mold, bugs, or yellow stains. You may easily order room service to guarantee that a change is made immediately.

6. Keep Your Valuables Safe

Ensuring your possessions are kept someplace you deem secure since you don’t want to lose them is an important tip to tick off when you stay in an hotel. A hotel safe will be helpful in this situation. A benefit of using the safe is that it prevents your belongings from being scattered everywhere. You can precisely reach for it anytime you require it.

Furthermore, you must also ensure that the safe truly locks in this circumstance, as your possessions shouldn’t be kept in an area that isn’t particularly secure. Additionally, locking up everything before the night is a brilliant idea.

7. Get Comfortable

Try to arranging your things for a few minutes. If your room has a  closet or drawer space, take notes or, even better, pictures of things you’ve put in them. This way, you won’t forget anything even when it’s time to leave. Furthermore, if something disappears, you have documented evidence you can use to track it.

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