Best Car Rental Deals To Ease Your Travel Stress

Individuals and organizations that do a lot of travel tend to reduce travel costs by taking advantage of all travel discount deals they can get. If you find yourself in a new place and use car rentals often, you should try one of these car rental deals.

I know renting a car is not fun for some, and finding a vehicle with the right features and price can be a lot of work. This doesn’t have to be complicated; we are here to simplify the process.

Usually, most car rental services give discounts to help retain clients while you or your organization enjoy the best rates knowing that you have a solid partnership.

How Car Rental Deals Work

More often than not, car rental companies offer excellent deals for clients, which allows their clients to save money. A corporate organization that travels more frequently tends to get the most of the best deals available, but individuals who try as much can also get excellent deals.

Car rental packages are usually customized based on clients’ transportation needs. Some car rental companies even offer clients different support solutions tailored to their needs to satisfy them. Some rental companies make loyalty schemes available to client clients where they can coup rental discounts, earn points, improve pick up and drop off, guarantee cars when clients need them, etc.

How To Get the Best Deals

You can use the following ways to get the best car deals 

Travel Management Platforms

A travel management platform is a platform that allows users to plan, purchase and record travel expenses. Some of these platforms have travel inventory that includes car rental services. If the venue features a car rental service, it would be that there is a strategic partnership between both parties. This partnership will culminate in a car rental deal that will benefit you.

Compare car rental company rates.

Take your time with your first search! Take a step further and compare car rental companies and their rates before deciding. You might think you have the best rate, but you will be shocked at other, better deals you discover while searching. It is a good practice to reach out to multiple companies, explain your needs, and see who best meets them. Often, for business strategy’s sake, they will want to match the rate you have already gotten or go lower than it. Some car rental companies will give promotional discounts to their first-time customers to keep them 

Don’t be reluctant to negotiate

Negotiating is neither a crime nor something to be shy of. Negotiating is one of the best ways to get good deals. Start by highlighting the number of rental companies that offers the same service you need, call, then negotiate for the best deal. Please ensure that any agreement you are offered don’t have any hidden fee like cancellation fee, waiver, etc., before you enter into an agreement

Stay loyal to your rental company

More often than not, car rental companies offer points to loyal customers. These points can translate to available future bookings or highly discounted price rates. 

Booking Through a Travel Agency Website

As mentioned earlier, you get several benefits when you rent a car through the website of a car rental agency; however, getting the best price from them takes a bit of extra effort. Even when you want to book directly from a car agency, it is often advisable to do a quick price search on a travel agency website because those sites will almost always have a well-curated list of favorable deals.

Let’s look at some travel agencies where you can find good car rental deals.


Best car rental deals

Expedia has been around for a long time. This organization is a tested online travel agency that provides one of the best metasearch engines for anything travel related, including car rentals. The site is straightforward to use, with filtering and sorting options. You can search for great deals with the lowest price using the filter option. This makes your search quick and easy.

Expedia also offers a reward system that allows you to earn points when booking a car with them. They also allow you to book your other travel needs as a bundle with your car rental, saving you money.


Best car rental deals

Kayak is a search engine that displays the prices of other websites on one site. It is a perfect way to search for your car rental needs. Kayak has a lot of filters, including a policy filter, to make your search easier and narrow it down to what best suits your needs. If you sign up for Kayak, you can get up to 35% off private deals, only available to those who create an account. They do not have loyalty packages, even if you use their site often.


Best car rental deals

Momondo, just like Kayak, is a metasearch engine. They have a lot of displayed offers from other websites, but you will never be able to book a car rental on their website; instead, it only shows you the best deals and redirects you to the website where you can book. The downside to this, though, is that you can sometimes be redirected to an obscure car rental website. 


Orbitz is another big travel website that has existed for some time. This website also has a good filtering and sorting option. Most of these travel agencies are run by the same companies, and their features can be similar; however, the prices and the deals always vary, so it is essential to check various websites for the best sale. When you sign up with Orbitz, you get an extra discount on car rentals.


Best car rental deals

Skyscanner’s website operates like Kayak. When you find a car rental of your choice, you are redirected to another website where you can book the car. While you can access great deals on Skyscanner, it is hard to get other information about the rental except for the price. You would have to click through before accessing basic information about the rental.


Travelocity is a popular travel agency website that searches for travel-related needs, including car rentals. Expedia powers Travelocity, but usually, prices are different on both websites. Like other travel websites, filter your search into various categories. One great advantage of their website is that you can access free cancellations and deals there.

Getting your next car rental can be easy if you know the right place to look. These five websites that I shared are some of the ones that can make it easier for you to get the best deal for your next car rental. The website you eventually use is up to you, as they all offer different search and filter options. Whichever works best for you.

When next you are looking for the best car deal, feel free to use any of these websites. 

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