Top 11 US Travel Locations to Visit in 2024

The United States of America is an incredible destination for tourism, regardless of one’s nationality. However, because the U.S. is such a large country, experiences will vary significantly from one end to the other. This place offers opulent resorts, nature walks through parks, expansive beaches, densely populated cities, and much more. 

It’s not to mention the weather. Undoubtedly, a vacation in Alaska will differ from one in Las Vegas, so you may wish to make appropriate plans. We’ve compiled a list of the top U.S. travel destinations for you. 

1. National Park of Yellowstone

US Travel Locations

This well-known Wyoming National Park is always breathtaking. Although it is naturally more prevalent in summer, February is a great time to visit because the entire area is changed into an otherworldly wintry wilderness. With their thick winter coats, bison are one of the most noticeable animals in the snow, and the geyser steam is considerably more noticeable.

2. Hawaii

US Travel Locations

Hawaii has consistently good weather throughout the year, with highs of 79°F and lows of 88°F. However, March and April, which fall between the spring and summer travel seasons, are adorable months to visit. Every part of Hawaii is beautiful, from Mauna Kea Island, Mauna Loa Island, and Kilauea Island) to the immaculate beaches of Oahu.

But suppose you can only visit one place while you’re there. In that case, we suggest going to the highest point on Maui, where the enormous caldera of the Haleakalā crater offers an incredible view of the surrounding terrain.

3. Colorado

US Travel Locations

While Colorado is known for having some of the top ski resorts in the nation, there are other winter outdoor activities this state has to offer. Experience heli-skiing (skiing from a helicopter instead of a lift) in the backcountry at Telluride; soak in Steamboat Springs’ natural hot springs after descending a mountain; or enjoy dog sledding at the restored mine town of Dunton Hot Springs, which offers an Old West saloon, ice climbing, and more hot springs.

4. Mount Desert Island

US Travel Locations

The Island is located in the far northeastern region of the United States and encompasses a large portion of Mount Desert Island, including the lovely Bar Harbor. Here, you’ll find serene forests, lakes, ponds, enormous granite rock formations, and crashing Atlantic Ocean waves that crash onto rocky beaches.

Once you’ve visited this exquisitely beautiful island haven, many of Maine’s renowned lobster roll stands are close to town, ready to serve you the delectable state’s seafood.

5. Las Vegas

US Travel Locations

As well-known performers like Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars get residency deals in Las Vegas, Sin City’s standing as a top entertainment destination grows. So definitely check out a performance while you’re there, but it is also a great time to explore off-strip because the weather is pleasantly chilly.

Do you like beautiful geology? Ensure to visit the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area with a reddish tinge. Graffiti art? Head to the city center. Mafia-related matters? The Mob Museum, with its distillery, is to be noticed.

6. Miami

US Travel Locations

Despite its unlikely association with art and culture, the Magic City often presents works and exhibitions by well-known international artists. However, you don’t need to be extraordinarily wealthy or an insider in the business to participate. At the same time, a plethora of side events take place outside Miami Beach’s main convention center.

See the public sculpture and the numerous pop-ups, gallery openings, and installations that have earned this the moniker “Art Week” within the community. Visit South Beach for tanning and Time Out Market Miami, our very own, for grubbing in between greetings from Miami.

7. New Mexico

US Travel Locations

Beyond the desert and a specific Netflix series, New Mexico is much more. Hundreds of colorful hot air balloons can be seen at Albuquerque’s stunning October International Balloon Fiesta, where they are launched into the sky. With its seemingly infinite sky and breathtaking sunrises, it has grown to become the biggest balloon festival globally and the most photographed event on the planet.

A complete Georgia O’Keefe Museum honoring her artistic legacy and American modernism may be found in Santa Fe, which is located in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. The city combines old adobe neighborhoods with earthy colors and Spanish colonial architecture.

8. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

US Travel Locations

The Great Smoky Mountains, the nation’s most famous park, is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts mixed with the laid-back vibe of the South. Take a hike to witness beautiful waterfalls and broad vistas of mountains and woods, fish for trout in a peaceful stream (permission required), and take in a riot of color as the leaves change for autumn. It’s also possible to run into someone hiking the Appalachian Trail. Of that 2,190-mile path, more than 70 miles pass within the national park.

9. Alaska

US Travel Locations

In Denali National Park, July is a great month to see caribou, wolves, golden eagles, and grizzly bears, who are busy catching salmon to gain weight before hibernating. They also snack on the season’s plentiful berries, including blueberries, which are incredibly juicy and fat in Alaska. You can taste them on nearly every climb and at the breathtaking Glacier Bay National Park.

10. The West Coast

US Travel Locations

The Pacific Northwest and California are calling. Take the entire month of June to explore the best of the West Coast and avoid the July 4th chaos, when American roadways will be congested with extended weekend travelers en route to family get-togethers and baseball games.

This region of North America is as varied as its days are long, offering opportunities to enjoy the sun in San Diego, take a woodland dip in Oregon, explore Seattle’s street art, or make the most of Vancouver’s rainiest month of the year.

11. Washington, DC

US Travel Locations

Washington, DC, is a historic city that never stops changing; new museums are being built regularly. Cherry blossom season is another compelling incentive to visit Washington, D.C., this spring. Although most people focus on Japan’s cherry blossom season, Washington, D.C. also has a pretty good one, usually from late March to early April. Additionally, you can still take the required selfie with the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, and the White House while in town.


Anytime you find yourself in the States, you will have a swell time in any of the above locations. The locations outlined above can be visited throughout the year. 

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