Traveling by Air; 8 Things You Should Never Do on a plane

The Wright brothers spent their entire lives helping build one of the world’s most valuable assets: a plane, thus making travelling by air a possibility.

Air travel is undoubtedly the fastest means of transportation when traveling over great distances. However, while planes can get us very quickly from point A to point B, we still spend a reasonable amount of time cramped up in a cabin with 100s of other people with almost no leg room and personal space.

Traveling by air

Flying is rarely an individual sport, so before you pack your bags using this checklist, you must understand that there are certain things you should never do in a plane for your comfort and that of others. 

This article explores a helpful list of things to refrain from doing while traveling on a plane.

8 Things To Refrain From Doing While Traveling by air

Travel anxiety is natural, especially if you’re a first-time traveler, but being aware of crucial things to refrain from doing while on this trip will be quite beneficial. Here are some things to deliberately avoid while traveling by air:

Never Take Off Your Footwear

Never take off your shoes regardless of how comfortable you wish to be. Nobody wants to deal with someone who’s barefooted being next to them. Furthermore, it’s best if you don’t enter the galley area or the restroom barefoot since accidents happen, and there could be a broken glass piece on the floor.

Poor ventilation is a problem in most aircrafts. If you can perceive the smell of the woman’s perfume three rows back, people can undoubtedly smell the footwear hidden beneath the seat right in front of you.

Ignore the Safety Briefing

Nobody likes to consider the possibility that their aircraft may be the next to break down, yet it is possible. Therefore before you put on your headphones, check your knowledge of things to do in an emergency.

If you fly regularly, you would be familiar with the safety briefing. It is completed in less than 10 minutes, and several airlines even offer a visual performance! In any case, you must follow these recommendations.

Under no condition should you ignore or deliberately disobey safety instructions. You may open yourself and other passengers to immeasurable danger.

Don’t Be In Haste To Get Off

For many of us, the plane hitting the runway signifies freedom and the much awaited end to our several hour trip. 

However, it may take longer than you’d want to exit the plane because several people are picking up their luggages from the overhead bins at the sametime. The worst thing you can do at this moment is try to force your way toward the front of the airplane. Many passengers have sustained various levels of injury from luggage mishap in the overhead bins.

It is understandable that everyone wants to get off the plane, and some may have equally urgent concerns to attend to. You should be respectful and wait if the individual before you is taking their time getting their baggage. You can volunteer to assist if it helps everyone get off more quickly.

Drinking Alcohol Before and During Your Flight

Alcohol while traveling by air

The thought of being drunk on a plane may sound fun and give you the thrill; however, don’t do it! When the alcohol hits and the world starts to spin, there is literally no place for you to rest your head comfortably. 

Additionally, if you get sick, just about everyone will be aware if you begin to feel unwell. Not to add that drinking while flying will definitely result in unruly behavior that no one will like during your vacation.

Being intoxicated on a plane will make you uncomfortable, It could result in constantly feeling nauseous and irritated or cause you to visit the bathroom frequently. This is not something you would love to experience in front of at least 136 people.

Avoid Reclining Your Seat, Especially During Meals

By now, you must have figured out that this article is trying to get you to be respectful and considerate of other passengers while on air. You need to consciously ensure that you try not to inconvenience some other person(s) in an attempt to feel more comfortable yourself. 

Before deciding to get into a perfect position for a snooze, consider that the airplane may not be the perfect place for a nap if meals have been offered within the past hour.

The individual behind you could still be finishing their meal; not everybody eats at the exact rate that you do. Even if you choose not to eat during the flight, you should also keep this in mind.

Don’t Overdo It With the Spray and Perfumes

It makes sense that individuals would want to appear presentable as they exit a plane and arrive at their location. Nevertheless, it’s terrible to spray perfume or use scented lotions, in a way that interfers with the experience of other passengers. This situation could set off other people’s allergies and result in a terrible traveling experience for everyone. 

Play Loud Music

An airplane is a confined space. Therefore, because the plane’s cramped, listening to loud music while using headphones is improper and rude. You should consider the constrained space and the fact that not everyone wants to listen to your Spotify playlist with you. 

Whatever volume you like at home, remember that other individuals simply want to sleep. You can take them off regularly to ensure you aren’t bothering anyone. 

Do Not Try To Retrieve Items From the Overhead Bin

This rule has an exponential component depending on the seat you are allocated within the typical three-person row. 

However, it’s still rather bothersome whichever way you look at it to try to retrieve items form the overhead bin. Someonelse else’s suitcase may fall and get broken, documents could fall off and litter the floor and many other scenarios we would rather not imagine. Not to mention the looks of annoyance you would get from fellow passengers.

Making use of a packing list helps you in understanding what is important to pack and what should be kept on hand. This way, you avoid causing people any inconvenience.


It’s crucial to remember these guidelines deliberately to help keep you and the other passengers safe and comfortable during your flight!

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