Top Travel Exotic Locations To Explore Worldwide

Go on a journey of exploration and adventure with CheckandPack as we guide you through the most exotic places worldwide. Sunny beaches, adventure-filled jungles, and diverse cultures call on you to participate in the wonders the planet offers. At CheckandPack, we source beautiful places, ensuring you have the most incredible time exploring.

When the fascination of historical sites and artificial marvels fades, let the call of sun, sea, and sand go beyond your imagination. Embrace the simplicity of these ultimate exotic travel locations, each carefully chosen to provide a unique and unforgettable experience.

Ultimate exotic travel locations to explore

1. Madagascar

Exotic travel locations

Madagascar is a unique place to explore with its extraordinary natural beauty. When looking for a place to stay, choose accommodations that let you be close to the beautiful surroundings; it could be the rainforests or the beautiful coastlines. Wake up to the sounds of the island’s wildlife, making your stay a first-hand experience.

When in Madagascar, visit the national parks where you can see lemurs, the fascinating local primates. Dive into the clear waters near Nosy Be to swim with whale sharks, creating unforgettable memories. Do take the chance to be stunned at the Forest of Knives, a breathtaking landscape with tall limestone rocks. Madagascar, the world’s fourth-largest island, offers a unique blend of wildlife, attractions, and culture, making it a captivating destination that provides a deep connection with the wonders of nature.

2. Maui, Hawaii

Exotic travel locations

Maui, Welcome is a tropical paradise in Hawaii, where sunny beaches and misty peaks await. Choose the Friendly Tiki Beach Hostel for a surfer’s haven, just moments away from the iconic Kaanapali Beach.

Immerse yourself in Maui with a 5-hour Waterfall and Rainforest Hike, exploring breathtaking waterfalls and natural pools. Alternatively, indulge in a Luxurious Sunset Cruise on a catamaran, staring at the vibrant colours of the evening sky.

3. Puerto Rico

Exotic travel locations

With its tropical climate and secluded beaches, Puerto Rico is a Caribbean treasure. Stay in luxury at the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort, offering championship golf courses and a Balinese-inspired Mandara Spa.

Also, go on a kayak tour in Fajardo’s Bio Bay Laguna Grande to experience the magic of bioluminescent sparkles after dark. Explore the El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest in the US National Forest System, for a captivating encounter with nature. Puerto Rico beckons with a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration.

4. Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Exotic travel locations

Stay within the natural beauty of Tayrona National Park at Senda Casa Tayrona Los Naranjos, a beachfront haven with an outdoor pool overlooking the ocean. A view of the coastal vibes and explore beautiful lagoons nestled within the park. Ensure that you tour the good-looking surroundings, where the beach becomes your doorstep, and the sound of waves lulls you into peace. The park offers diverse ecosystems, from dense forests to clean beaches, providing a perfect setting for hiking and unwinding in a beach hut atmosphere.

Embark on an adventure through Tayrona National Park, where hiking trails lead to breathtaking views, the natural beauty of secluded coves, and hidden beaches, including the acclaimed Stiniva. If you are a nature lover or seeking relaxation by the sea, Tayrona National Park will captivate you with its view and opportunities for exploration.

5. Vis, Croatia

Exotic travel locations

Hotel San Giorgio welcomes you to Vis, Croatia, offering sea views and a charming garden courtyard for a delightful stay. The island of Vis unfolds with a rich history and natural wonders. From relaxing in a picturesque garden to venturing to breathtaking beaches, Vis provides an ideal setting for a memorable getaway.

As you tour through Vis, try to get along with the local culture and the quietness of its coastal charm. The island is a captivating beauty, from the crystal-clear waters to the historic sites; Hotel San Giorgio becomes your retreat, offering not just accommodation but a gateway to the wonders of Vis, where every corner tells a story of the island’s unique charm.

6. Fiji

Exotic travel locations

For an unforgettable stay in Fiji, choose Fiji Forever, where local experts can help plan and book a personalized trip. Fijian culture has the Untold Broadway Show, a vibrant display of local talent, or embarking on exploring Colo-I-Suva Nature Reserve’s tropical rainforests. Fiji offers a perfect blend of cultural experiences and natural wonders, inviting you to discover the unique traditions that define this South Pacific paradise.

As you unwind at Fiji Forever, let the islands’ beauty captivate your senses. From the lively cultural performances to the serene rainforest trails, Fiji presents a hang of experiences. Explore the Colo-I-Suva Forest Park, a beautiful environment, or relax on the beaches. Your journey through Fiji promises moments of enchantment, leaving you with lasting memories of this tropical haven.

7. Ibiza, Spain

Exotic travel locations

Experience the lively nightlife, where music beats and the crowd’s energy creates an electric atmosphere. Relax at Cala D’Hort, a picturesque beach offering stunning views of Es VedrĂ , or take a ferry to Formentera for an escape. In Ibiza’s artisan markets, you will see local crafts and delicious food, completing your experience on this iconic Spanish island.

The vibrant colours, the soothing sea breeze, and the island’s rich cultural heritage come together to create a unique atmosphere. From the historic streets of Ibiza Town to the hidden corners of the coastline, the island unfolds with surprises at every turn.

8. Mauritius

Exotic travel locations

Choose accommodations in Mauritius that offer a mix of relaxation, history, and nature experiences. Explore the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens, where lush greenery and exotic blooms provide a feast for the senses. Hike Le Morne Brabant Mountain for panoramic island views, and indulge in local cuisine and history at L’aventure Sucre. With its diverse landscapes and cultural tapestry, Mauritius calls you to uncover its hidden gems and embrace the laid-back island lifestyle.

Your stay in Mauritius promises a blend of relaxation and exploration. From the botanical wonders of the gardens to the cultural insights at L’aventure Sucre, each day unfolds with discoveries. The accommodations become your retreat, offering comfort and convenience as you navigate the vibrant landscapes and historical sites. With its inviting charm, Mauritius beckons you to indulge in the island’s beauty, creating a truly enchanting experience.


The world is full of unique places to explore. Our list is a testament carefully selected to satisfy that these places are not just pretty; they also teach us about different cultures and histories.

When you travel to these places, being responsible tourists is essential. That means taking care of the environment and respecting the local communities. By doing so, these fantastic destinations will stay wonderful for future generations. These exotic locations are calling, so pack your bags and go. Your next great adventure is waiting just a flight away.

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