Packing List For A 7-Day Caribbean Cruise In 2024

You’re probably wondering what to bring for your cruise holiday if you are considering taking a Caribbean cruise. You should be ready for enjoyable days at sea, gorgeous days spent in port, and sophisticated evenings aboard the cruise ship.

When going on a cruise, some people advise you to travel light. While you don’t want to overpack, you should know that it can be challenging to find the extras you need once on board.

It’s crucial to have everything you’ll need for your trip, including toiletries, prescription drugs, accessories, and shoes (yes, formal night shoes are often forgotten!).

How to dress on a Caribbean cruise

Caribbean Cruise Packing List

You will need clothes for the cruise on sea days and when you are in port if you are on a seven-day Caribbean trip. You should also consider what to wear to the cruise in the evening.

Checking the dress codes of your cruise line is a brilliant idea. However, a seven-day cruise often offers two formal, dress-up, or chic evenings. There will be bright casual or casual clothing on the other evenings.

You might not require a formal evening if your cruise is five nights or less. You simply need one legal wear item. You should anticipate one extra stylish night if your trip is longer than ten nights. Remember that the main dining room of a cruise line follows dress rules, but not the buffet or casual restaurant.

What to pack for a cruise in the Caribbean

Caribbean Cruise Packing List

This list of clothing items for cruises is helpful for any cruise in warm weather, such as trips to the Bahamas or Bermuda.

Plan on wearing light attire throughout the day, such as shorts, a t-shirt or tank top, or a light sundress, as the weather in the Caribbean is generally relatively warm. Make plans appropriately because the winter months (January, February, and March) are typically slightly colder.

Women’s cruise clothes packing list

  • Two to three bathing suits
  • Two cover-ups
  • Three to four short pairs
  • Seven to eight tank tops or T-shirts
  • TWO three sundresses
  • Two or three easy evening gowns
  • Two elegant gowns or cocktail outfits
  • Two to three light blouses or shirts for the evening
  • Two pairs of Capri pants or dressy jeans for the evening
  • Gym attire,  including shoes
  • Socks, undergarments, and sleepwear
  • Walking shoes that are cozy
  • Fancy shoes for the evening
  • Sandals or flip-flops for the pool or beach
  • Shawl or Pashmina (with the air conditioning on the shoulders like a cruise ship)
  • Casual shoes for the day
  • Simple shoes/wedges for the evening
  • For chilly nights, throw on a light cardigan or hoodie.
  • Sunhat Clutch or Evening Bag
  • Jewelry Mask, if necessary

Men’s cruise wear packing list

  • Four-five shorts
  • Seven shirts
  • two to three bathing suits
  • One or two pairs of jeans
  • One or two khakis
  • three to four polos
  • One or two buttoned shirts
  • One outfit
  • Two shirts for dresses
  • Workout attire, sleepwear, and underwear
  • One sweatshirt or jumper, sandals or flip flops
  • sneakers for the gym
  • One pair of formal shoes
  • One or two pairs of casual shoes
  • Hat or baseball cap, sunglasses, belt, and mask if necessary

Essential items to bring on your Caribbean cruise

Caribbean Cruise Packing List

The most essential items to bring on your cruise are listed below. We have listed items to pack for your Caribbean vacation and cruise accessories that are helpful for any cruise.

  1.  A passport or ID from the government

Your passport and official ID are essential for your Caribbean cruise. Don’t forget to bring this with you; don’t put it in your checked luggage. There’s a strong possibility that you won’t be able to return it in time to take your trip if this occurs.

  1.  Passport Holder/ Wallet

Keeping your passport in a wallet or holder is a brilliant idea. This is incredibly useful and guarantees you don’t accidentally pack your passport with your luggage.

  1. Carry-on Bag for Cruise

You should pack everything you’ll need for embarkation day in a cruise carry-on bag, which you may check at the cruise terminal. You can store your necessities here, like a change of clothes, a cover-up and bathing suit, prescription drugs, and valuables. Carrying on a cruise with a small suitcase, backpack, or duffel bag is highly recommended.

  1. Power Bar Without Surge Protection

Surprisingly, the majority of cruise ship cabins only contain two electrical outlets. You’ll need more plugs if you carry any electronics, including speakers, phones, pads, go-pros, 


Note: Cruise companies will not permit a standard surge-protected power bar from home, and will be seized. Having one that is “cruise approved” and not surge-protected is crucial.

  1.  Prescription and over-the-counter medications

Don’t forget to include over-the-counter and prescription drugs in your bag. Having bandaids and other necessary supplies in a compact pharmacy bag or homemade first aid kit.

  1. Reef-safe Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one item you should bring on your Caribbean cruise. The sun is far more intense on the cruise ship, especially at sea.

  1. Case for a Waterproof Phone

Whether you plan to use a waterproof phone case on your cruise, it is an intelligent idea for port days by the beach or sea days by the pool. With this one, you can also utilize the touch screen.

  1. Water Shoes

These lightweight water shoes are cozy and convenient to pack for your cruise. Make sure to bring a pair of shoes for every family member because many Caribbean beaches, including private islands owned by cruise lines, can be rough or stony.

  1. Cube Packing

For cruises, packing cubes is fantastic. Consider purchasing at least two sets in various sizes and colours to be more organized.

Tips to pack for a Caribbean cruise

Caribbean Cruise Packing List

It’s nearly as crucial to prepare correctly for a cruise as to pack appropriately! Here are some pointers.

  • Roll tightly after stacking and rolling a few identical things together.
  • Socks will help your shoes maintain their shape.
  • To keep things ordered and compact, use packing cubes.

Your vacation clothing will stay wrinkle-free and organized with the help of these packing items.


To optimally enjoy our Caribbean cruise, pack everything you need before onboarding. Have fun, relax, and enjoy the waves of the sea. Happy packing!

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