A Comprehensive Baby Holiday Packing List

A family holiday is always a good idea. It is a time to unwind and bond with every family member in a different environment. Going with a baby on your holiday is another ball game, but with some luck, your baby may be the ideal traveller who doesn’t stress and sleeps most of the time during the trip.

You must make your baby happy and comfortable during the holiday. To do that, you must pack the right items for the trip. Let’s explore items that are essential for your baby during your holiday.

Baby Travel Essentials

There are essential items you will need while in transit with your baby.

Baby Holiday Packing List

Car seat

It would be best if you went with your car seat. It would be best to have a securely fitted seat, Whether by air, sea, or road. Most baby car seats are multi-functional, which means they can also be used as a baby seat when you reach your destination.


Baby Holiday Packing List

You will need this for all your bumpy and smooth off-road walks. Most pushchairs are lightweight and collapsible, making them easy to pack.


Baby Holiday Packing List

The blanket will help keep your baby warm during the trip and the holiday. The homely smell of your baby’s blanket or shawl could make your baby more comfortable.

Baby carrier or sling.

Baby Holiday Packing List

This is one of your most valuable items when you have a baby. It helps you get around quickly. This could come in handy at a busy airport where it isn’t best to use a stroller.

Food And Drink Supplies

Baby Holiday Packing List
  • Breastfeeding: if you are still actively breastfeeding, take a shawl to give you privacy in public spaces. Pack a breast pump if you intend to express your breast milk while on vacation.
  • Bottled milk: if you want to take along your baby’s formula on your trip, ensure you take enough that will last for the entire holiday. You may not find the exact recipe at your destination, and your baby may need to adapt better to new foods. Pack enough formula, teats, bottle warmers, and sterilizing equipment.
  • Food: pack with you ready-to-prepare or homemade nutritional food for your baby. Bring enough for your holiday. Not to bother, food restrictions at the airport don’t apply to baby food and drink.
  • Snacks: depending on the type of snack that your baby can munch on, take as many snacks as you can. They are a good substitute for food when you are tied to activities. Snacks like fruit bars and so on
  • Feeding essentials: get all your feed items packed as well. Things such as bibs, wipes, spoons, plates, beakers, plastic bags for dirt, etc

Clothing Essentials 

Baby Holiday Packing List

Clothing items you should pack for your baby include:

  • Cool clothes: pack long tops, dresses, and trousers to protect your baby from the sun.
  • Warm clothes: if your travel destination is cold, pack clothes that can be easily put together to keep your baby warm. You don’t want your baby to catch a cold.
  • Hats: Pack cute hats that protect your baby’s face and neck.
  • Plenty of clothes: one thing particular to babies is how often they change outfits. Pack enough clothes. If there are no laundry services at your location, you can reduce the clothes a bit. At least you should have two complete outfits for a day.

Diapers and Diaper Supplies

Baby Holiday Packing List

Take as many diapers as you can for your entire trip. Trying new things (including diapers) for your baby on a trip is not a great idea. Also, pack diaper bags, wipes, diaper rash cream, and a travel-size changing mat.

Bed and Bath Essentials

Baby Holiday Packing List

Here are the bed and bath essentials you need to pack for your baby’s holiday 

  • Bath plugs: universal bath plugs fit into any plughole and can turn an essential basin into a bath suitable for babies. 
  • Toiletries: pack your baby’s body wash, sponge, shampoo, comb, baby lotion, and oil
  • Blankets: Take blankets for your baby. If your baby uses a sleeping bag, ensure that you also take it along. It will help your baby sleep well in a new environment.
  • Sleepsuit: pack your baby’s sleepsuit
  • Plug-in nightlights: they can come in handy for quick nighttime diaper changes or breastfeeding/feeding

Other Essentials

Some other essentials include

  • Travel cot: if you don’t want your baby to sleep on the adult bed and your trip destination doesn’t supply a baby cot, ensure you take your travel-size cot
  • Passport: Yes, your baby will need a passport to travel. Ensure all passports are valid for at least six months after your return date. If your baby doesn’t share your surname, inquire about what is required of you.
  • First aid kit: take all necessary supplies for you and your baby. 
  • Sunscreen: This can only be used for babies over six months. It should be at least SPF 15 for babies that can use it. Generously apply before taking your baby Into the sun
  • Swim diapers: if you plan to go to the pool or beach with your baby, go along with your diapers
  • Baby monitor: this will be very handy, especially when your baby is not in the same space as you. For instance, if your baby is napping and you are enjoying the sunset,
  • Blackout blinds: There are travel blackout blinds that will block out sunlight when your baby is napping during the day.
  • Stairs Gate: Babies can be everywhere. Get a travel staircase gate to keep your mind at rest.
  • Adapter: You need one to plug in all your electrical devices.
  • Camera: You would need one to capture the beautiful moment with your family. Take your camera charger, camera pouch, and memory card with you.


Travelling with a baby on a trip can be difficult if not properly planned. On the other hand, it can be very memorable if you plan it out properly and pack everything you need. Cheers to a beautiful holiday!

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