10 Best Locations For Solo Travel

You can be your own best company at times. There are many reasons to travel alone; it could be wanting to organize a wild trip on your terms, or your friends are not available to travel on that trip, and you have to go anyway.

Going on a solo trip has several benefits, from the ability to satisfy every desire to a feeling of empowerment and the chance to introspect, self-discover, and make new friends. Taking a solo trip might be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life. Taking a vacation alone may be nerve-wracking, regardless of how many solo trips you have taken. This could be your first solo trip or your twentieth. 

We’ve developed this list to ensure your lack of company encourages you to purchase your ticket. We’ve compiled a list of countries that are great for first-time and seasoned solo travelers, including safe locations where you can anticipate a warm welcome. 

The 10 best places to travel solo

Solo travel locations

1. Iceland

Solo travel locations

The country is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with caves and caverns to explore, glaciers and volcanoes to hike, and geothermal spas to soak in. According to a recent Global Peace Index report, Iceland is also the most peaceful country in the world, so that solo travelers can explore the country worry-free. This is why Iceland has consistently ranked among the most popular travel destinations in recent years.

When visiting Reykjavík, consider spending a day at the well-known Blue Lagoon or whale-watching at Faxaflói Bay. Thingvellir National Park provides camping, horseback riding, hiking paths, and the freshwater Silfra fissure—one of the world’s top dive sites for those desiring to escape the city.

2. New Zealand

Solo travel locations

Travelers on a budget, thrill-seekers, and outdoor enthusiasts frequently choose New Zealand as their destination. This may be because, according to the Global Peace Index, it is the second most peaceful country on earth.

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, this country is a haven and one of the most incredible destinations to meet other tourists. Explore the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, go whale watching in the Bay of Plenty, climb part or all of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, heli-hike via Franz Josef Glacier,  take a boat through the fjords, rainforests, and waterfalls of Milford Sound.

Take a day excursion to Waiheke Island for wine tours, or head to the Hobbiton Movie Set to explore the real-life Shire if you need a break from all your exploring. There’s so much to do that you will take advantage of companionship.

3. Netherland

Solo travel locations

The Netherlands is an excellent destination for those venturing independently for the first time. With its amiable and easygoing lifestyle, Amsterdam residents like riding bikes to get around. Start in the well-known urban park Vondelpark and ride your bike through the city’s charming canals and bridges as you make your way to renowned museums, including the Van Gogh Museum.

When you travel to the Netherlands between the middle of April and the first week of May, you will be greeted with an exquisite display of tulips, the country’s most popular flower. Situated somewhat outside of Amsterdam, the Keukenhof, known as the Garden of Europe, is home to over seven million bulbs and hundreds of different types of tulips. Alternatively, visit Noordoostpolder for even more vibrant blooms at the annual Tulip Festival.

4. Austria

Solo travel locations

Any lone traveler with an appreciation for good culture should visit Austria. Attend a Musikverein or State Opera House concert to discover why Vienna is called the City of Music. In addition, the city has hundreds of museums worth seeing while taking in the ambiance of classic Viennese coffeehouses.

Fans of the musical “The Sound of Music” are welcome to take themed tours of Salzburg, the setting for the film, and complete their vacation by seeing Mozart’s birthplace and ascending to the top of Hohensalzburg Fortress for breathtaking city views.

5. Switzerland

Solo travel locations

Switzerland is renowned for its scenery, and traveling there by train may be the best way to take it all in. Get a Swiss Travel Pass to see spectacular waterfalls, forests, and lakes on your unlimited train, bus, and boat travel. After that, get off the train and go on an Alp trek, see castles from the Middle Ages, and sip Swiss wine.

It seems only fitting to indulge in the rich, creamy chocolate in the country that created milk chocolate. But rather than just buying a bar of Lindt or Toblerone at the local grocery shop, go on a walking tour with a chocolate theme through Lucerne or Zürich or stop by one of the region’s many internationally renowned chocolate factories.

6. Denmark

Solo travel locations

Another simple country for solo trips is Denmark. To witness the city’s recognizable wooden ships and vibrant homes lining the canal, begin in Copenhagen and proceed to the Nyhavn neighborhood. After that, go through the gardens of Tivoli. The well-liked attraction has an aquarium, bubble fountains, and floral gardens in addition to its amusement park.

Shakespeare enthusiasts should visit Kronborg Castle, which served as the model for Elsinore Castle in “Hamlet” and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. While you’re there, ride the train to the neighboring town of Hillerød, where the Danish Museum of National History is housed in Frederiksborg Castle.

7. Thailand

Solo travel locations

Thailand has always been a reasonably priced vacation spot, and due to its welcoming and safe environment, it’s also growing in popularity among lone visitors. Discover Bangkok’s mouthwatering cuisine, exciting nightlife, and relaxing spas. For spending a day relaxing by the Andaman Sea, the tropical paradise is home to several stunning beaches. We especially suggest visiting Phuket, Krabi, and the Phi Phi Islands.  

There are several easy and accessible public transit options, including long-tail boats, tuk-tuks, buses, trains, subways, and taxis. For parades, street celebrations, and performances honoring the Buddhist New Year, come here mid-April for the Songkran Water Splashing Festival. 

8. Croatia

Solo travel locations

Are you feeling spontaneous? Plan a last-minute solo trip to Croatia, where you can stretch your budget to enjoy breathtaking beaches, fascinating history, and mouthwatering cuisine. This is ideal for solo travelers because of the favorable currency rate and the welcoming natives. Discover the untouched beaches of the Dalmatian Islands and become a beach bum. As you relax, you can take in the stunning limestone cliffs, white sand beaches, and blue oceans. Explore Dubrovnik’s old town on foot after stuffing yourself with exquisite seafood and white truffle pasta.  

9. Mexico

Solo travel locations

Mexico is the ideal destination for solo travelers, with its vibrant backpacker culture and welcoming resorts. Never mind all the tacos, empanadas, and tortas; the country has friendly locals, stunning natural scenery, and cultural landmarks!  

Near Cancun are the Mayan ruins; Los Cabos offers whale watching; Tulum offers Instagram-worthy views; Oaxaca offers mezcal and tamales; and Mexico City boasts a bustling art scene.  

10. Costa Rica

Solo travel locations

It’s understandable why Costa Rica is one of the happiest nations in the world. Adventure seekers will find no shortage of outdoor pursuits in Costa Rica, ranging from ziplining through breathtaking jungles and whitewater rafting down the Reventazón River to trekking in the Arenal Volcano National Park and rappelling down waterfalls.

In Manuel Antonio National Park, Playa Manuel Antonio is a tropical beach with white beaches and animals. Arenal offers peaceful hot springs if you need a little break from the action.


Solo trips can be exciting and relaxing as well. With our list above, you can easily decide which country you want to visit for your next solo trip. We hope you find this list helpful and that you can take your next solo trip to one of these beautiful countries. Enjoy your trip!

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